Energy Star Partner Verification and Certifications

IGS professionals provide verification and certification services for commercial buildings seeking the ENERGY STAR Building Label. Such buildings consume 25% less energy than a typical building of the same design. IGS’s licensed Professional Engineers can verify energy usage for buildings as well as assess the building’s compliance with existing standards for comfort and indoor air quality (all required to earn a Label). Displaying the ENERGY STAR plaque on your building conveys superior performance to tenants, customers, and employees.

Even for buildings that do not qualify for ENERGY STAR designation, IGS professionals can identify energy-saving opportunities through energy audits and modeling. IGS’s computer models and databases allow us to identify and rank the most cost-effective opportunities to reduce energy usage, including insulation, windows, doors, HVAC equipment, and roofing systems. As an Energy Star Partner, IGS can evaluate your facilities to comply with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) guidelines for energy efficiency and can provide certification of Energy Star Label for your buildings.

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